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Homecoming is Saturday June 23rd.  Picture Information Forms for Tiny Mites and Junior Mites White and Green.



Pre-season conditioning practice will be every Saturday, starting March 10th at 8:30 AM in the gym at JHS 45/El Faro-Beacon (120th St between 1st and 2nd Ave)







Top Stories

NBC News - Positively Black

January 2015


Tracie Strahan sits down with the coach and three members of the Harlem Jets, the winners of Harlem's First Ever Youth Football National Championship.

Together We Make Football-2013 Finalist Khordae Sydnor

NFL Films- January 2014


Watch Khordea's story and how is love of family and football got him to the "big game.".  Click here to see his Superbowl experience.

Donald Niang Jr., director of basketball operations for the Harlem Jets AAU program, has teams ready to travel country in search of top competition



For much of the past decade, Donald Niang Jr. has bounced around the AAU boys basketball circuit, coaching one team after another, a basketball vagabond who has crisscrossed the city in search of a program that fit his hard-charging and passionate ways.

Since 2006, Niang has been involved with five different outfits, moving from the Harlem Kings to New Heights to the Long Island Lightning to the Metro Hawks and finally to the New Renaissance Basketball Association (RENS) — a virtual who’s who of AAU programs.

Assemblyman Keith Wright host Victory Parade for Harlem Jets

February 6, 2015


Saturday, Jan. 31, the Harlem Jets, a Harlem-based football, cheerleading and wrestling organization that utilizes sports as a way to keep youth academically motivated and physically fit, was presented with a congressional record by the office of Rep. Charles B. Rangel and a New York Assembly citation by Assemblyman Keith L.T. Wright. The congressional record and citation were presented to recognize the outstanding achievements of the student athletes on the National Champion 10 and Under football team and National Champion Division 18 Cheerleading team and the success of the entire Harlem Jets organization.


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